King Mohammed VI appointed president of the Competition Council

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This appointment comes following the submission to the High Royal Attention of the report by the ad-hoc committee tasked by the Sovereign with carrying out the necessary investigations to clarify the situation arising from the confusion created by the conflicting decisions by the Competition Council in the case of possible agreements in the hydrocarbons sector contained in the divergent notes brought to the High Attention of HM the King on July 23 and 28, 2020.

In accordance with the mission entrusted to it by the Sovereign, the committee ensured the compliance with the laws and procedures relating to the functioning of the Competition Council and the course of the litigation proceedings and concluded that the processing of this case was marked by numerous procedural irregularities. It also noted an obvious deterioration in the climate of deliberations.

In view of the elements submitted to the High Royal Attention, HM the King ordered the transmission, to the Head of Government, of the recommendations of the ad-hoc Committee, in order to remedy the inaccuracies of the current legal framework, strengthen the impartiality and capacities of this constitutional institution and consolidate its vocation as an independent body contributing to fostering good governance, the rule of law in the economic sphere and consumer protection.

He recalled that the ad-hoc committee was not tasked with examining the substance of the contentious case before the Competition Council, nor, even less, to replace the Council in its processing.

The approach thus adopted stems from the Sovereign’s firm commitment to the independence and the proper functioning of regulatory and good governance institutions”.

MAP 22 March 2021

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