Morocco Spends More Than 3 Million Euros from Hacking Team

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Morocco would be the 3rd biggest Hacking Team client, according to data pirated Sunday in creative Italian company of the spy software. The kingdom would have spent $ 3.1 million in Internet espionage in the company, more than the United States, China or Saudi Arabia.

But even if Morocco is on the podium, it remains far behind Mexico, which spent € 5.8 million still in Hacking Team. The country located in Central America ahead of Italy, which would be the second largest client Hacking Team, with just over 4 million.

The bill for each customer is even Moroccan revealed in pirated materials. Thus, the DST would have spent 1.2 million dirhams and CSDN, 1.9 million dirhams. According to the same documents, 837,000 euros were charged to the DST in September 2011, two months after a team of Hacking Team stayed in Morocco.

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