France, Spain Determined to Reinforce Cooperation with Morocco to Combat Illegal Migration

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France and Spain have agreed to strengthen their coordination for cooperation with Morocco in the fight against illegal migration, underlining the importance of the EU financial support for Morocco’s efforts in this field.

Cooperation with Morocco was discussed, on Thursday, during talks in Paris between Laurent Nunez, French Secretary of State for the Interior and Ana Botella, Spanish Secretary of State for Security, who agreed to promote cooperation in the fight against illegal migration to match the level of security cooperation.

The parties have taken the decision to strengthen their coordination for support and cooperation with Morocco in the fight against illegal immigration, said a joint statement posted on the website of the French Interior Ministry.

It is necessary that the European Union provides as soon as possible a significant financial support to back up the efforts of Morocco to hamper actions by human traffickers and illegal immigration inflows to Europe, added the same source.

The EU has recently reinforced its support for Morocco to combat illegal migration by increasing the total amount mobilized in 2018 under its Emergency Trust Fund for Africa to € 148 millions.

This funding, which is part of the EU’s ongoing support for the Moroccan National Strategy on Migration and Asylum, will help bolster the fight against human and migrant trafficking, said the European Commission.

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