Accountants in Morocco are protesting in front of the Ministry of Finance in Rabat

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Professionals Accountants in Morocco staged a protest on Tuesday, 24 May 2016, in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance in Rabat to request  opening the channels of dialogue and consultation with representatives of professionals in all that mattered regulate the accounting profession away from improvised in the implementation of Law No. 127/12 regulating the profession of Chartered Accountants, and not to rush in applicationc225f16d-e7aa-4cd6-b0d6-1914b1afbbfc.

And stuck accountants through the stand to reject the manner in which it was passed Law No. 127/12, which has shown the tyranny of the electoral obsession to form the boards of the professional organization of Certified Public Accountants, as the protesters demanded answers about the real problems posed by Law No. 127/12 and increasingly complex at the beginning of its implementation, which will lead to the exclusion of professionals in accounting and marginalized and threatened with homelessness, rather than total integration in the context of taking into account their acquired rights and respect for the constitutional principles confirmed the non-retroactivity of laws.
The Assembly previously warned format with a large number of accountants professional associations in Morocco that regulate the profession in ways that non-democratic and non-transparent manner that does not take into account the real representative for professionals in accounting, and has also been denouncing seeking to oust professionals despite the debate over the non-retroactivity of laws, and denounce any diligence in any decision or decree does not take into account the acquired rights of accounting professionals stipulated in the laws in force, which must expand understood and applied in the context of the interests of accounting professionals and not to harm them. It warns protesters also all the officials that harassment and stress according to the narrow vision of some of the parties to professionals in accounting will have negative repercussions and implications for public administrations and bound Jbaiaa and socially, in all matters relating to the liquidation of contractors and small files, and what will result from that disastrous effects on the national economy.

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