Morocco’s Net International Reserves Amounted to 222.3 Billion Dirhams

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Morocco’s net international reserves amounted to 222.3 billion dirhams until December 25, 2015, recording a 23.2 pc increase on an annual basis, Bank Al-Maghrib announced.

The central bank explained in its weekly indicators that the reserves recorded a 0.2 per cent weekly decrease.

During the period December 24-30, 2015, the central bank injected 21.4 billion dirhams.

Over the course of this period, the interbank rate remained virtually unchanged at 2.52 and the average daily trading volume amounted to 8.4 billion dirhams against 6.8 billion dirhams one week before.

During the week of December 24-30, 2015, the dirham depreciated by 0.13 pc against the euro and appreciated by 0.19 pc against the dollar.

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