The Arab World Institute Conference on Morocco – France Belateral Realions

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Morocco, owing to economic, political and human model, stands as example for region and France (Jack Lang)

Morocco stands as an example for both countries of the region and France, owing to its economic, political and human model, said on Monday president of the Paris-based Arab World Institute (IMA), Jack Lang.

The various projects launched by HM King Mohammed VI in Morocco are an opportunity to further promote cooperation between the two countries, said Lang at the opening of a conference themed “France-Morocco: shared history, joint challenges”, held on the 60th anniversary of the Celle-Saint Cloud agreement, which was signed in 1955 to end the forced exile of the late HM King Mohammed V and start transition to Morocco’s independence.

After noting that bilateral bonds are “strong, warm and intense”, IMA’s president recalled last September’s visit to Morocco by French president François Hollande who gave an additional push to ties between Morocco and France which have in common “shared ideas, values and vision”.

The two countries also share joint challenges, including the construction of peaceful, tolerant and job-creating societies, and are carrying out joint projects, went on Lang, a former culture minister of France, who underlined the remarkable example offered by Morocco through its constitution that enshrines the diversity of cultures and religions.

For head of the Moroccan Royal institute of strategic studies (IRES), Tawfiq Mouline, the two countries, sharing joint challenges in a global mutating environment, need to expand the scope of their cooperation to encompass Africa, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and face together security, migration, and lasting development challenges.

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Africa, future shared asset for Morocco and France, former French FM

Africa is a shared asset for Morocco and France, said on Monday in Paris former French foreign minister Hubert Védrine.

During a symposium, organized on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the declaration signed at La Celle Saint Cloud, themed “France-Morocco: a shared history, common challenges”, Védrine called on the two countries to carry out joint projects in the continent, highlighting Morocco’s dynamic African policy, as well as HM King Mohammed VI’s political and diplomatic action in this regard.

He also underlined the strong presence of Moroccan operators representing the different sectors in Africa as in the sectors of banking, insurance and telecommunications.

He also added that the two countries have shared economic interests, calling for bilateral economic ties based on competitiveness.

Védrine stressed the importance of security cooperation to face common challenges. He also underscored how crucial is the imam training program for his country, noting that this program helps reveal the true face of Islam.

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Relation between France and Morocco has no equivalent, French deputy

Relation between France and Morocco has no equivalent and it represents a precious asset that both countries should cherish, said on Monday French deputy Elisabeth Guigou, chairwoman of the foreign affairs committee at the National Assembly.

Speaking at a symposium, organized by the Arab World Institute on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the declaration signed at La Celle Saint Cloud, themed “France-Morocco: a shared history, common challenges”, Guigou said that France and Morocco should have the will, now more than ever, to build a bridge between the two continents.

Morocco and France have to address a challenge which is at the same time moral, political, economic and social in order to bring Europe and Africa into an economic partnership based on sharing technologies and values, she said.

Guigou said she is convinced that political stability and socio-economic development to which aspire societies in the region of Mediterranean Europe-Africa depend on the two group’s integration, noting that France and Morocco are two keys of the same door onto a shared destiny.

On Morocco’s new economic strategy, she said that the Kingdom has a vision for sub-Saharan Africa and that it is the only state, with France, to have a multidimensional approach for Africa.


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