Morocco Blocked IKEA Swedish Company Project

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Blocking the project of Ikea, a Swedish company specializing in the design and retailing of furniture and decorative items, was decided Monday, September 28 by the Moroccan authorities in retaliation to the project from Sweden to recognize the Polisario movement SADR.

Firm and vigorous reaction of the Moroccan authorities to the proposal of Stockholm to recognize “SADR”. The Ikea project in Morocco has been blocked, following an emergency meeting held this Monday, September 28th at the prime minister’s office, under the chairmanship of Abdelilah Benkirane government leader.

The leaders of eight national parties, majority and opposition included, attended the meeting on the national question. In retaliation against the position of the Swedish Social Democratic government to recognize the separatist entity, it was decided to reconsider the interests of this country in Morocco.

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