UN Official: Fight Against Jihadist Terrorism Requires International Cooperation

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Madrid – The fight against jihadist terrorism requires “more creativity” and “international cooperation at the operational and legal level,” said Monday in Madrid, the executive director of the Committee against Terrorism (CTC ) of the UN Security Council, Jean-Paul Laborde.

“The jihadist terrorism is faster and more complex than other phenomena,” said Laborde in a statement to the press after the opening of the special meeting of the CTC on the fight against the flow of foreign terrorist fighters held Monday at expert level with the participation of Morocco.

According to the UN official, the involvement of civil society and victims of terrorism is necessary and important to face the barbarism and terror and protect future generations, ensuring that terrorism threatens all countries of the world .

For its part, the Spanish Secretary of State for Security, Francisco Martinez, said that the fight against jihadist terrorism and the movement of combatants in conflict areas is a “priority” of the government and the international community.

Confronting the terrorist phenomenon requires a “comprehensive, international cooperation at the operational and planning officer, and the prevention and combating radicalization tale,” said he said.

In the same context, the Spanish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Ignacio Ybanez, has emphasized the importance that the Iberian Executive to the fight against terrorism, adding that this special meeting will be an opportunity to discuss the strategies to be adopted against this phenomenon.

Co-organized by the United Nations and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the meeting which will see the participation of 15 Member States, will focus on ways to stop the flow of foreign fighters traveling to areas conflict to join terrorist groups, as in the case of the organization called “Islamic state” in Iraq and Syria.

During the meeting of the CLC, the UN member countries will discuss measures to prevent and combat the flow of foreign fighters terrorists on the basis of Resolution 2178 of the Security Council, which calls for “preventing the recruitment, organization, equipment and the movement of individuals in a State other than their country of residence to perpetrate, plan or participate in terrorist acts “.

The UN figure to more than 20,000 the number of foreign terrorist fighters from member countries who joined terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. The Committee against Terrorism was created in the wake of the attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States, pursuant to resolution 1373 of the UN Security Council, which obliges all States to criminalize assistance or assistance to terrorist activities to refuse financial support and safe haven to terrorists and share information about groups planning terrorist attacks.

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