Guinea and Mali strengthen the surveillance of their common borders

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BamakoMali map – Guinea and Mali have decided to set up joint patrols to strengthen the monitoring of certain areas of their common borders.

This measure comes after recent deadly incidents in a gold mine at the borders between the two countries, was announced Wednesday during a meeting in Conakry between the Guinean Minister of Territorial Administration and decentralization Bouréma Conde, and a delegation of the Malian government.

These joint patrols will secure “the area where the Guinean and Malian populations are played regularly around arable land or gold mines,” says one.

Furthermore, the two governments plan delineation of borders between Guinea and Mali to prevent similar conflicts.

Recently, three people were killed and several others injured in clashes between Guinea and Mali miners, following the discovery of a new gold deposit in a border area between the two countries.

The two countries share long borders of 858 km.

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