Royal Armed Forces in Alert States at Moroccan South Borders

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The Moroccan army has raised the alert level to its highest point in the southeastern borders of the kingdom, amid violent clashes between Mauritanian forces and armed smugglers.

The Royal Armed Forces have increased their presence on the border with Mauritania, in anticipation of possible incursions of elements of an international network of drug trafficking.

This measure was taken by the staff of the FAR on the basis of information from Mauritania under which the Mauritanian army would continue smuggling networks trying to push them toward the Moroccan border, reveals Al Massae in its edition this Wednesday, January 28th.

“Mauritanian and Algerian smugglers use not registered 4×4 type of cars via steep paths through hills and valleys, away from the eyes of army battalions,” the source said, citing the raising of the alert level at military bases in southern Morocco.

Citing security reports, Al Massae indicates that specialized international mafia gangs in drug trafficking and weapons, run by people actively sought by the international police, Interpol, would activate themselves in the vast no man’s land lying between the Moroccan Sahara and Mauritanian territory, nicknamed “Kandahar”.


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