Azoulay: Essaouira, Pioneer City For Waste Management

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The “Mogagreen” project will transform Essaouira into “a pioneer city in Morocco and on the African continent”, Advisor to His Majesty the King and President-Founder of the Essaouira-Mogador Association, Andre Azoulay said on Saturday.

This “comprehensive, inclusive and multidisciplinary project will enable the city, an avant-garde eco-city with the ambition to control and drastically reduce in the short and medium-term the volume of its solid recycled waste,” Azoulay explained during the launch ceremony of ”Mogagreen” project.

The Advisor to HM the King also welcomed the voluntarism, creativity, and ethical approach of Youssef Chaqor co-founder of the start-up Inveko-Environment at the origin of this project which honors the creativity of young Moroccan entrepreneurs.

Recalling that Morocco currently recycles only 6% of the volume of its solid waste, the Advisor to HM the King was pleased to witness the city of Essaouira “introducing with Mogagreen an unprecedented value chain”.

“Mogagreen”, an ecological project with high value-added, was launched on Saturday in Essaouira, with the ultimate goal of making it an African city with zero waste management by 2030.

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