Algeria. A serious attack on the person of the King, basic anti-Semitism, primary and idiotic…

when a chain at the boot of the military regime ends crosses the red lines

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Guard dogs were known to be “in the boots” of their masters, who fattened their legs according to their barking ability. We, now, know that they are hungry and suddenly have to bark even harder to fill their belly, the era of financial “upturn” is well and truly over.

Let’s move on because what has just happened is serious, very serious. A television channel reputed to be in the pay of the DRSS-DSS (Algerian intelligence) crossed all the red lines by attacking, in the last episode of its puppet program, the Moroccan monarchical institution, in the person of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. The slippage is so serious that it has aroused great indignation in Moroccan national public opinion and that many voices are being raised today to demand the complete breakdown of diplomatic relations with Algeria.
Passing on the ridiculous attempt to caricature the person of the Sovereign, presented as a character from the cartoon, the people in charge of the animation of this failed caricature of the show of “Canal +”, “the puppets of the info”, pushed baseness to the point of targeting the very person of the King, with unspeakable and unacceptable insults.
A frontal and unjustified attack against the person of a sovereign head of state, who is more neighbouring, coupled with a malicious attempt to question the Commandery of Believers.
An unprecedented package, that no reason could explain, much less justify, apart from this blind and sickly hatred that continues to nourish the regime of the ending “corporals”, towards a neighbouring country which has simply made the civilized choice of effort to advance and join the platoon of advanced nations.
But let’s move on because the unnamed TV avatar isn’t close to a package deal. The host of the thing called “story weekend” used the pretext of the reactivation of Moroccan-Israeli relations to also allow himself to speak stinking of basic, primary and silly anti-Semitism.
Of course, it would be wrong to attribute “the credit” for this anti-Semitic drift to the sole host of ersatz TV, who is moreover the voice of his masters. Anti-Semitism is institutionalized in Algeria, where the amalgamation between Semitism and Zionism is knowingly fostered. Algerian PM Abdelaziz Djerad himself provided distressing proof of this deliberate amalgamation by asserting that “Zionism was at our borders”, about the normalization between Morocco and Israel.
It is clear that by focusing fire on Morocco and its institutions, the khaki-green regime wants to find an escape from the unprecedented crisis hitting Algeria. It is not surprising that on the eve of the second anniversary of the outbreak of the anti-regime protests on February 22, 2019, he seeks to distract the attention of local public opinion from his real concerns to their head the establishment of a truly civil and democratic regime.

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