Morocco Featured in Australia through “From Fez to Casablanca” Exhibition

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Art exhibition “From Fez to Casablanca” by Australian artist Cat Wilson, known for her work in the fields of photography and geometry, was held recently at the “So Art” Museum in Narooma, at the far south coast of New South Wales, Australia.

The exhibition, held in a context marked by the interruption of all culture-related activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, brought joy and pleasure to the many allowing them to discover the Kingdom through cyanotype prints and digital collages inspired by the artist’s time living in Morocco (2014 to 2017).

“I love new technologies and the possibilities they open up. But I am also drawn to the methodical, meditative and repetitive process of making things by hand,” Wilson said at the opening of the exhibition.

“My time in Morocco, in these two very different cities (Fez and Casablanca) produced two series of work. Both are studies of pattern and form exploring the tension between the drive towards modernity and nostalgia for the past,” she added.

During her stay in Morocco, the Australian artist had the opportunity to study traditional Islamic geometric design. she also discovered that alongside this rich heritage is a country rapidly modernising and Casablanca, the financial capital, spearheads this trend.

Using digital photographs of Casablanca’s striking architecture and influenced by her study in geometric design, Cat used digital collage to explore the tension between the traditional and the modern.

MAP 03 November 2020

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