Moroccan Sahara: Foreign Affairs Commission at Brazilian Chamber of Deputies Supports Autonomy Plan

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The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Commission (Credn) at the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies Eduardo Bolsonaro expressed, on Wednesday, his support for the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco in the southern provinces.

“Brazil supports Morocco’s efforts aimed at resolving this regional dispute. As Chairman of Credn, I support the autonomy initiative in the southern provinces,” said the deputy of the Social Liberal party (PSL) in a statement to MAP, following a meeting with the Moroccan Ambassador to Brazil Nabil Adghoghi.

The MP added that his position stems from a Brazilian tradition, stipulated even in its Constitution, which consists of promoting the peaceful resolution of conflicts and not to interfere in the affairs of other countries.

“We must try as much as possible to make this solution move forward. I am convinced that Morocco is capable of building a peaceful solution to this dispute,” he stressed.

Referring to the good dynamic which currently marks the relationship between Morocco and Brazil, Bolsonaro said that “good bilateral relations are genuine and remain solid”.

He noted that the two countries are urged to make the best of the Trade and Investment Facilitation Agreement signed recently and which will be approved soon by the Brazilian Congress, adding that Morocco has asserted itself as an important economic partner for Brazil.

In addition, he said that the Kingdom is assuming a leadership role in its region, as it is an important actor in matters of security and counterterrorism, “which is positively perceived in Brazil”.

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