Morocco ‘Was Right’ to Continue Using Chloroquine to Treat COVID-19 Patients, Minister Says

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Morocco “was right to maintain the use of chloroquine-based therapeutic protocol” to treat COVID-19 patients, Minister of Health, Khalid Ait Taleb, said Sunday.

“The Ministry of Health has a pharmacovigilance report related to the use of chloroquine which proves that we were right to have maintained our decision,” Ait Taleb pointed out at a webinar organized for health professionals and the press.

“At the time when the World Health Organization had called for the suspension of clinical trials on a global level, Morocco remained committed to its initial decision, the relevance of which was demonstrated a few days later,” he said, explaining that chloroquine “has a very positive effect in the treatment of Covid-19 patients”.

He recalled that “Morocco has used chloroquine for a long time, both in internal medicine and for the treatment of malaria”, noting that its side effects “were not a problem, given that they are known and that we master them perfectly”.

“We are proud of our judicious and forward-looking decisions in terms of therapeutic protocols”, he said, while commending the technical and scientific committee “who took very important and very efficient decisions while integrating chloroquine into the therapeutic protocol.”

The meeting was held on the initiative of the Moroccan Society of Medical Sciences and the National Health Federation

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