Minister of Health Khaled Ait Taleb denied, on Thursday, information run by media on the repatriation each week of 300 Moroccans stranded abroad. In a statement to MAP, the government official said that certain media misunderstood his remarks made on this matter during a meeting this Thursday by the Social Sectors Committee at the House of Representatives. According to him, the repatriation each week of 300 stranded Moroccans is only a technical step initiated provisionally by a technical commission, while waiting for the appropriate conditions to be met for their return. All measures to fight the Covid-19 pandemic were undertaken in application of the High Royal Instructions, he recalled, citing the repatriation of Moroccan students from Wuhan as well as the initiative undertaken so that Moroccans stranded in foreign countries can return to the homeland. Ait Taleb also indicated that a technical commission composed of representatives of the Ministries of Health, Foreign Affairs and the Interior is examining the issue and the health security conditions according to the accommodation possibilities of these people, whose return is taking place gradually. This gradual approach should encourage the return of all stranded Moroccans to the motherland in healthy conditions, without posing a danger to themselves or their compatriots. The Minister recalled that instructions had been given to find solutions to the various problems linked to the spread of the new coronavirus, including the case of Moroccans stranded abroad. From a technical point of view, the repatriation operation was carried out for certain areas, he said, affirming that it will gradually include all the regions where Moroccans are stranded. The technical commission is working according to clear criteria in order to set priorities in this matter, he concluded.

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Fifty-four cases of infection with the new coronavirus (Covid-19) have been confirmed in Morocco until Friday at 10:00 a.m., bringing the total number of cases of contamination to 7,697, the ministry of Health announced.

The number of cured cases increased to 5,223 with 28 new recoveries, while the number of deaths stood at 202 cases, said the ministry on the portal “”.

In addition, the number of cases excluded after negative laboratory results amounts to 178,169, according to the same source.

The ministry urges citizens to respect the rules of hygiene and health safety, as well as the preventive measures taken by the Moroccan authorities by showing responsibility and patriotism.

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