Publication of Circular on Return-to-work Measures in Public Institutions after Deconfinement

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The ministry of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform has issued a circular on procedures and measures for resuming work in public establishments after the lifting of the state of health emergency.

In this circular, signed by minister of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform, Mohamed Benchaaboun, the supervisory department invites civil servants and employees of public establishments and local authorities, who have previously benefited from the facilities granted by the minister’s circular of 16 March 2020, to gradually return to their places of work and implement the provisions of this circular.

In this context, the ministry pointed out that it has drawn up a practical guide for the management of the post-health emergency phase in public services, aimed at providing a set of guidelines and directives for public administrations, establishments and enterprises and local authorities, as well as for the employees of these establishments, in order to clarify the tasks and activities that can be gradually resumed, while guaranteeing the safety and health of civil servants, while ensuring the continuity of public services.

The document includes a set of procedures and measures to be followed by public administrations, public establishments and local authorities and provides for the establishment of an internal committee, at the level of each administration, led by the head of human resources management, to ensure the implementation of occupational health and safety measures and to allocate the necessary resources and means to avoid contamination by the Covid-19 virus, the ministry said in a statement.

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