No Moroccans Among Victims of Tripoli Terrorist Attack

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The Libyan Foreign Affairs Ministry denied, on Wednesday, that a Moroccan national was killed in the terrorist attack perpetrated, the day before, against the ministry’s headquarters in Tripoli.

“Information about the presence of a Moroccan national among the victims of this attack are completely baseless,” the spokesman of the Libyan Foreign Affairs Ministry in the National Union Government Ahmed Al-Arbade told MAP, adding that “all the victims of this attack are of Libyan nationality”.

Media outlets had reported on Tuesday that a Moroccan woman was among the victims, including a senior official of the Libyan Foreign Affairs Ministry, who were killed in the attack that also left 21 wounded, according to the Libyan Health Ministry.

Al-Arbade, who is visiting Morocco along with an official Libyan delegation, deplored the publishing of such baseless information, urging the media to check their information with credible sources.

He stressed that the Libyan delegation welcomed the solidarity and compassion expressed by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs following this terrorist attack.

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