Morocco Strongly Condemns Houthi Missile Attack on Mecca

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Morocco “strongly condemned” the missile attack by Yemen’s Houthi rebels on the holy city of Mecca, deeming it an “abject and unacceptable criminal act”.

This “criminal act violates the sacredness of the holy sites of Islam and irritates millions of Muslims around the world, and is an attempt to destabilize and undermine the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“While reaffirming its full solidarity with the brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia face to whatever could undermine its sovereignty and its tranquility, Morocco expresses its full readiness to support the Saudi government to counter all evil which would target Haram Al Sharif in Mecca”, the same source added.

The Kingdom “also called the perpetrators of this senseless act to return to reason and to the values of Islam, and accept the legitimacy of the Yemeni government to prevent Yemen and the region harmful consequences” of such

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