An impressive fleet of Russian war under OTAN Surveillance

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An armada presented as one of the largest since the end of the Cold War through the Channel under surveillance ships of NATO.
There is the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and flagship of the Russian Navy. At his side, a nuclear-powered cruiser, but a warship and anti-submarine ships. Eight Russian ships currently crossing the Channel. In their wake, a perfume Cold War …

This armada sailed to the Mediterranean. It must then strengthen Russian naval presence in the Black Sea. The convoy is committed off the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, on Friday morning, around 7 am, reports La Voix du Nord.

This displacement of the powerful Russian ships is under escort. Six ships of NATO took up positions northeast of Scotland, whilst the Belgian, Spanish and Dutch ships also operated in the area.

For their part, the English, the press convoy following the passage carefully, have positioned two frigates off their coasts. Way to remember that the Royal Navy if it is a shadow of what it was, is still a power.

Should however worry about the passage of Russian ships? First, Russia has the right to transit through international waters.

Then, according Corentin Brustlein, security specialist at IFRI, told La Voix du Nord, it’s mostly a Moscow demonstration of force: “That’s naval diplomacy, we want to impress local opponents and NATO. Moscow wants to show he is an expeditionary power and defends his interests outside. ”
French discretion

French side, the Navy is very discreet. The Kuznetsov has already happened in 2013 and again in May, 2014.

Monitoring is done from the coast. Only limit the respect of territorial waters.

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