51 Short Films To Compete at Tangier International Film Festival

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35 short fiction films and 16 short documentary films will compete for the Feature and Short Film contest of Tangier International Film Festival from October 20 to 24, 2015.

Morocco is represented in the short fiction film category by Asmae Elmoudir’s film “Douar Soulima” (Cinema Village) and “Alwajba Alakhira” (the last shopper) by Abdallah Rkaina.

16 short documentary films were also selected to compete at the same event for short documentary film award. Morocco will be represented by “Alholm Almaasour” (pressed Dream) directed by Abdelwahed Elouahabi Elalami.

Many countries will be present at the event represented by the country the documentaries are from. The participating countries include Egypt, Italy, France, China, and Britain.

As for the short fiction film category, many countries are represented including Spain, Italy, France, Britain, Germany, South Korea, the United States, China, and Palestine.

The International Film Festival of Tangier aims to contribute to the image of the city as being one of art and creativity. The Festival has started to draw the attention of film makers from Morocco and around the world.

This year, the festival program features more than 60 short films from around the world, and represents the greatest short documentaries and fiction of the last two years.

The Festival is considered by some as a real success story because of its evolution from being a small film celebration at the Tangier’s University to being an International Film Festival in seven years.

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