Morocco is Presented in 90 out of 190 UN Members countries

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The budget allocated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, 2.4 billion dirhams, allows to cover almost half of the international diplomatic card, a source of Mezouar department. Who said that money is the sinews of war?

On the defensive, since the shock wave caused by the project in Sweden to recognize the polisario or what is called “SADR”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC) attempts to give an explanation more or less acceptable.

To the question of why Morocco has no ambassador to Sweden, nor in Slovenia, known to be a “citadel” Polisario, or even in the Baltic countries, an authorized source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs loose booming this revelation: “Out of 190 UN member countries, Morocco is represented only in 90”!

So more than half of the countries where Morocco is absent diplomatically, which is obviously not to serve the interests of the kingdom, headed the first national cause, the Moroccan Sahara. In turn, this benefits the largely empty pathetic Algerian-separatist lobby which skimp on any means for its accreditation untrue gossip to policy makers and associative fabric of these countries.

Is it any wonder that these countries cultivate today equating the Palestinian cause, just and legitimate, and “that” a terrorist entity, sequestrant, for over forty years, on ground of non- law, Tindouf, last remnant of the notorious Stalin era, a population deprived of everything?

Is it necessary to recall that, in most of these countries, Morocco is associated with an “occupying force” and even a “perpetrator” of the so-called “Sahrawi people”, by charging him with “humanitarian violations” imaginary, in defiance of exemplary development process implemented by the Kingdom from a regional model for progress and democracy.

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