Terrorist Cell Weapons Introduced to Morocco Via Algeria Borders

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Rabat – The weapons seized from the terrorist cell dismantled recently of 5 members have been introduced in Morocco from Algeria borders, said Monday, Abdelhak El Khayam, Director of the Central Office of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ).

During the dismantling of the cell, including three members were arrested in a house “secure” in Essaouira, the security had seized 4 automatic guns (8 and 9 mm), a machine gun, seven tear gas, three batons electric knives in addition to a large quantity of ammunition and suspicious materials, said in a press conference at the headquarters of BCIJ in Sale.

The terrorist cell whose members (aged 20-39 years) have pledged allegiance to Daesh and became known as’ Jund Al Khilafa in Morocco ‘, was preparing to commit terrorist acts on instructions of the terrorist organization leaders before joining its ranks in conflict areas in Syria and Iraq, adding that the anticipated expecting a visit from a member of the terrorist organization from Syria to train the manufacture of explosives and weapons handling.

The expertise on suspect products seized during the arrest (chemicals, including ammonium nitrate, sulfur and electronic and electrical components) has demonstrated that they are components materials used to manufacture powerful explosives, he said.

Members of the cell received Daesh leaders instructions to commit terrorist acts on the territory of the Kingdom before joining its ranks in the Syrian-Iraqi conflict zone, has he said, indicating that this fact reveals a change in the tactics of the terrorist organization that until now was looking at bringing new recruits to Iraq and Syria to train in its camps before redeploying them in their home country to commit terrorist acts.

The Kingdom’s strategy to counter the terrorist threat based on preventive actions attests to its success and the dismantling of several cells before they can take action averted the dramas and tragedies as well as in the UK neighboring countries, he assured, saying the determined and sincere commitment of Morocco in international cooperation in the fight against the terrorist threat in an area particularly exposed with the implantation of Daesh in Libya’s favor the security situation in that country.

With this strategy, the OCIJ has successfully dismantled 14 terrorist cells since its inception in March 2014.

The respondents in this new case will be brought to justice immediately after the investigation is still ongoing under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor.

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