Belgian-Moroccans Behind Attack of Money Transit Van in Tanger.

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The Director of the Central Office of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ), under the Directorate General of monitoring national territory, Abdelhak El Khayam announced Saturday the arrest of four individuals in connection with the case of armed robbery a fund conveyor truck in Tangier, the leader of the gang behind this operation, and the seizure of weapons, ammunition and various equipment used in the execution of its criminal operations.













The various security services to central and local plans have mobilized all forces to put it out of harm’s way in record time this band, following the criminal acts it committed in Tangier and during which she made use of weapons fire, the latest is the attempted robbery on August 13 against the CIT officers said Mr. El Khayam, during a press briefing at the headquarters of BCIJ devoted to the latest developments of this case.
The same official said that both defendants are Belgians of Moroccan origin, including the ringleader, a recidivist in Belgium involved in robberies and armed robberies, while the other two are of Moroccan nationality.
He explained that during this last operation, the leader of the band had to throw a smoke grenade inside the truck, but surprised that the windows were securely locked, he whipped out a gun and fired several shots towards the driver but failed to reach due to the bulletproof glass of the vehicle.
The driver of the van had then managed to escape, while the suspect was also able to flee aboard a rental car that was also seized, said Mr. El Khayam.
The Director of BCIJ said that, as part of this case, several exhibits were entered into several stages, including in the head of the band. Ample explanations were provided to the press about various objects and weapons seized.
These include firearms and ammunition, masks, tools falsification of license plates of cars, forged documents, sums of money in local and foreign currencies, communication devices and various other objects.
Mr. El Khyam said that thorough investigations are ongoing with one of the suspects after it turned out he has a criminal record in Belgium for his involvement in arms trafficking operations. The Director of BCIJ did not fail on this occasion to salute the “excellent work” done by the various security services in the context of continued coordination and in order to defend citizens’ security and stability kingdom.


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