Moroccco to Aquire Russian Submarine Amur 1650

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King Mohammed VI would visit Russia at the end of 2015 for a working visit qualified strategic by observers of the political and military scene.

The visit of King Mohammed VI at the end of 2015 to Russia revives speculation about the acquisition by the kingdom of its first type of Amur 1650 submarine.

If, at the official side, there is no filter on this historic transaction proposed by Russia of Vladimir Putin to the Kingdom of Morocco through $ 150 million, the fact remains that the negotiations are undertaken since 2013 between the two parties.

An expectation that has been revived by the Russian news website Sputnik, for which one of the major issues of this visit “historically and strategically important” will be military.

If Morocco gets to acquire the Amur 1650, it will have taken another big step in weaponry.

amur 1650

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