Davis Cup: Morocco in Danger After Losing Twice

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The Moroccan dual bowed this Saturday, July 18 facing the Monegasque pair in the dam of Group II of the Europe-Africa zone of the Davis Cup in Monte Carlo Country Club in Monaco. Monaco therefore leads 2 wins to 1 before the two single last Sunday.

Monaco clay Is the spirit to spell the end of ambitions of the national team in the Davis Cup? This Saturday devoted to double the Moroccan pair composed of Younes Rachidi and number 1 Moroccan Lamine Ouahab, bowed before the local duo Romain Arneodo / Benjamin Balleret in four set 6-0-6-7-6-4 -6-2. This puts in an awkward position Morocco’s Mehdi Tahiri captain before the last day.

This Sunday it will take to Lamine Ouahab and Yassine Idmbarek, winning the last two simple to ensure Morocco’s place in Group II of the Europe-Africa region, failing to sink in Group III next season.

Program results:

Friday (singles)
Idmbarek Yassine (MAR) beat Benjamin Balleret (MON) 7-6, 6-4, 1-6, 7-6
Arneodo Romain (MON) beat Lamine Ouahab (MAR) 1-6, 6-1, 6-2, 6-4.

Saturday (doubles / 1100 GMT)
Guillaume Couillard / Thomas Oger (MON) beat Lamine Ouahab / Rachidi Younes (MAR) 6-0-6-7-6-4-6-2.

Sunday (simple / 9:00 GMT)
Benjamin Balleret (MON) – Lamine Ouahab (MAR)
Arneodo Romain (MON) – Idmbarek Yassine (MAR)

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