Boko Haram Suicide Bombing Left 23 Dead in N’Djamena

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N’Djamena – The Chadian capital N’Djamena was shaken for the first time Monday by a double suicide attack that left at least 23 dead. the Government said responsibile is Boko Haram group .

The N’Djamena central police station and the police academy have been the target of these attacks that left 23 dead and 101 wounded, announced in a press release the Chadian government.

Four “terrorists” were killed, according to the text of the statement read on national radio, assuring that “the situation is under control.”

“Boko Haram wrong target, these terrorists lawless will be flushed out and put out of harm’s everywhere,” says the government.

The statement assured that “this attack will not deter the Chad to fight the bandits and the government will continue the fight against criminals.”

However, on Monday afternoon, this double attack was not claimed, however.

N’Djamena senior police had indicated earlier in the day, two suicide bombers had attacked both the police and the police school, where there were many trainees.

In turn, another police source said the “modus operandi” of the attackers wore the mark of Boko Haram.

After the attacks, many forces were deployed in the city, where security measures have been considerably strengthened for several months against the threat attacks by Boko Haram.

The government held, for its part, a crisis meeting on the attacks, said an official source.

Spearhead in the war against Boko Haram, Chad – as neighboring to Cameroon also engaged in the war against this group – for months feared that such attacks are perpetrated on its soil. But it has already been the subject of Boko Haram fighters raids on the shores of Lake Chad.

Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Cameroon and Benin agreed on June 11 at a summit in Abuja, to establish a regional force in order to better fight against Boko Haram, now affiliated jihadist group of Islamic state.

This MNJTF (by its acronym, Multi-National Joint Task Force) high of 8,700 men and Nigerian-led, will be headquartered in N’Djamena.

On 20 May, the Chadian parliament extends the military intervention against Boko Haram.

About 5,000 Chadian soldiers are engaged in the fight against Boko Haram, specify Chadian military sources.

N’Djamena had deplored in April, the death of 71 soldiers as part of this operation.

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