Morocco Re-elected Head of World Customs Organization

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Brussels – Morocco will, in the person of Zouhair Chorfi CEO of the Customs Administration, was re-elected on Saturday unanimously for the second consecutive year, the head of the Organization World (WCO).

Morocco’s re-election was held during 125th / 126th sessions of the WCO Council held from 11 to 13 June in Brussels.

For Mr. Chorfi re-election demonstrates the confidence and reputation of the Morocco globally under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

Morocco’s re-election for a second term at the head of the MDGs reflects a recognition by the international community of the progress made by the Kingdom in favor of multidimensional reforms for several years.

It also attests to the esteem in which the Customs Administration within the global Customs community.

Morocco, active player in the MDGs, was elected in 2008 as Regional Representative of Customs administrations in the MENA Region and Vice-President of the MDGs until 2014, when he was elected to the head of this Organization.

Mr. Chorfi, who chaired the 125th/126th annual meetings of the WCO, focused on several highly topical issues for customs administrations worldwide, such as the digital revolution and its impact on the work of the Customs and managing coordinated border.

At these meetings, the discussions focused in particular on topics related to the policy, such as security and facilitation of the international supply chain, the fight against fraud and risk management, the strategic plan of the MDGs for years to come as well as on technical subjects such as the harmonized system for the designation and codification of goods (HS) customs valuation, rules of origin and the Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC).

The work of these sessions were marked by the proclamation of Palestine as the 180th member of the WCO. The accession of Palestine to the World Customs Organisation is the culmination of efforts by all customs administrations in the MENA region and particularly that of Morocco which, since June 2014 the WCO’s presidency.


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