Links Between Polisario and Daesh Confirmed

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New twist in the case of the terrorist network dismantled in Laayoune on 28 April. Investigations conducted by the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) not only possible to measure the dangerousness of this terrorist structure, but also to confirm the collusion between the terrorist network of the “Islamic State” and the Polisario Front.

“The members of this network had project to erect the city of Laayoune in the rear base of the” Islamic State “surfing the register of subversive acts orchestrated by pro-Polisario agitators, with the execution of malicious acts before rushing the constitution of the first nucleus of the “khilafa” in the Saharan provinces », said security sources.

The searches of the homes of the respondents also allowed to get their hands on a wide range of documentation to character “jihadist”, signed by Muftis known as terrorist organizations close to name Abu Aisha Al Gharib or Abu Mohamed Al Muhajir. These “works” justified, among others, the beheading of unbelievers or the execution of suicide operations. Other books inciting insurrection against the “false deities” were seized, like Mohamed Ben Abdellah Al Hisne, highlighting the obligation of “jihad”, virtues and the objectives, which result in the “Islamic khilafa”.
Peeling hardware defendants, investigators also found records reproducing “exploits” of the fighters of the “Islamic State” executions of Syrian soldiers captured in the battle called “liberation of the position 93”, an operation religious police led by a group of fighters known instance “Al hisba” among which contains the Moroccan fighter Syrian-Iraqi area Noureddine Ghoumari, and collective liquidation of the Iraqi Army soldiers captured by fighters of this terrorist network.
It is this kind of high-profile operations that the four cell members planned to commit on Moroccan soil. As a reminder, this terrorist group was on the verge of moving to the act at the time of his arrest, after receiving a fatwa authorizing them to kidnap one of their knowledge to burn her alive for apostasy.

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