Morocco: The FBI questioned a Belgian-Moroccan held in Fez for terrorism

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The past of a Belgian-Moroccan jihadist currently held in Fez, interested the FBI developed to send four of its officers questioning. Would have happened by Afghanistan before being arrested in Syria in October 2011. The forces of the Syrian order subsequently rendered to the Moroccan authorities.

Four FBI agents interrogated at the prison Bourkaïz of Fez, a Belgian-Moroccan sentenced by the court in 2012 to twenty years in prison for the terrorist activities abroad. Investigators from the Federal Police are in Morocco as part of a commission, says a media spiritual capital. For its part, the Arabic daily Assabah, in its edition today, says that the interrogation lasted two hours. It took place in the presence of three elements of the National Brigade of the Judicial Police (BNPJ), based in Casablanca, and a translator, said the source.


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