141 dead in Peshawar by the army, the bloodiest terrorist attack in the history of Pakistan

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141 people, including 132 children, were killed Tuesday in the attack by a Taliban commando who shot the school of children of Peshawar military, says the army.

This is the bloodiest terrorist attack in Pakistan’s history. The previous record dated back to 2007 and a bombing in Karachi (south) which had 139 deaths during the homecoming of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

124 people, including 121 children, were also injured in the assault against commando school completed in late afternoon, said the spokesman of the Army, General Asim Bajwa, at a conference release in Peshawar.

He said “the terrorists began firing randomly as they entered the school, and therefore had no intention of hostages.”

The attackers “were all wearing suicide vests (barded explosives) and ammunition and food for several days,” he added, saying they did not know how many had been killed by the security forces and how blew themselves up.

General Bajwa finally reaffirmed the determination of the army to defeat terrorism. “There is no greater opportunity to face our responsibilities,” he concluded.


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