Morocco King Reaffirms Commitment to Multi-Party System

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HM King Mohammed VI reaffirmed, as the custodian of the nation’s democratic choice, his commitment to the multi-party system for which earlier generations fought hard.

“As the custodian of the nation’s democratic choice, I reaffirm my commitment to the multi-party system, whose foundations were laid down by my revered grandfather, His Majesty King Mohammed V – may he rest in peace –, and which was consolidated by my venerable father, His Majesty King Hassan II – God bless his soul; a system for which earlier generations fought hard,” said the sovereign in a speech before the parliament on the occasion of the opening of the first session of the first legislative year of the 10th legislature.

While extending his congratulations to the members of the House of Representatives for the trust placed in them by the citizens to represent them in the legislative institution, HM the King said that he valued the public authorities’ commitment to a keen sense of national responsibility throughout the electoral process.

The sovereign said that the opening of a legislative year is not just an opportunity afforded by the Constitution to address Members of Parliament. It also provides a platform to address the Government, political parties, the nation’s institutions as well as the citizens.

“Not only is this an opportunity to provide guidance – and sometimes to voice criticism – regarding parliamentary and legislative work, but it is also a means whereby I can listen to the concerns and expectations of the citizens whom you represent,” the monarch underlined.

Recalling that the first parliamentary term following the adoption of the 2011 Constitution, which has now come to an end, was a constitutive term was characterized by the promulgation of laws for the establishment of several institutions, HM the King affirmed that “the phase which is about to start is even more important than the previous ones. Indeed, it requires that we address, seriously, the real concerns of the citizens, enhance the performance of administrative bodies and improve the services they provide.”

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