PJD Wins Morocco’s Parliamentary Elections and PAM Second

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Rabat – The Party of Justice and Development is making history as preliminary results confirm his victory in Morocco’s parliamentary elections.

The preliminary results coming from the different polling stations across Morocco points to a comfortable victory of the Party of Justice and Development (PJD), outgoing leader of the coalition government.

Based on the first provisional results, the PJD has won 16 seats out of 26 in Casablanca, six seats out of eight in Fez, six seats out of nine if Marrakech and three seats out of four in Salé.

In addition, in what can be considered as plebiscite for the outgoing head of government, Abdelilah Benkirane, the leader of the PJD secured one of the three seats in Salé.

According to our correspondent present in Rabat, the Istiqlal party came second in the legislative elections, while the third is place is being disputed between the Party of Authenticity and Modernity and the National Rally of Independent (RNI).

“The elections will have a positive impact on Morocco’s political scene, and will push t the leaders of political parties to reconsider the way in which they do politics,” Benkirane said in a short speech to his followers from his party’s headquarters in the capital Rabat.

Morocco will continue on its path of reform in order to be among emergent nations in the future,” he noted.

Benkirane added that all members of the party’s political bureau and all its members in the outgoing government have succeeded in securing their seats in the parliament.

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