2nd Joint Committee on Morocco-EU Fisheries Agreement Meets in Brussels

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The 2nd Joint Committee on the Morocco-EU fisheries agreement convened on Oct. 14-16 in Brussels, said a statement by the agriculture and fisheries ministry.

The joint committee, held pursuant to provisions laid in the Morocco-EU fisheries agreement in force since July 2014, touched on carrying out the provisions of the said agreement concerning its technical and financial dimensions for its first year of implementation, said the statement on Sunday.

On the technical level, the parties shed light on the progress of fishing activities in conformity with the agreement, it added.

The European party congratulated Morocco for implementing the agreement’s sectoral support for backing the Halieutis Strategy, it said.

The EU and Morocco agreed, since the adoption of the new agreement, on projects to be carried out within this framework to contribute to the development of the national fisheries sector.

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