Bernardino Leon: Definitive Agreement Ready for Libyan Parties to Approve or Reject

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Skhirat – The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Libya, Bernardino Leon, said Monday night that the UN has prepared a text of “definitive” and ” consensus ” agreement, stressing that it is now up to Libyan parties to approve or reject the agreement.

Leon stated at a press conference to review the developments of the inter-Libyan political dialogue held in Skhirat, “we have a final text and our mission is complete. It is now up to the participants to meet this text “.

He stressed that the answer to this agreement “will not be through further discussions and amendments, but saying yes or no.”

Mr. Leon said that each party “find (in the agreement) of the elements may not satisfy,” stressing that in view of the situation in Libya, the agreement is the only “solution” and ” only option “.

He said that all the participants declared their readiness to discuss the names of the national accord government after Eid al-Adha, and to complete this process within two or three days, while forming his wish that the parties complete the settlement process by 1 October.

The UN official stressed the need to start the implementation of the agreement before October 20 (which marks the end of the mandate of the House of Representatives elected), noting that the UN and the international community do not want to see a “political vacuum” but rather want to see the institutions and a parliament which enjoys the legitimacy to restore the unity of Libya.

He thus urged the parties to put themselves to dialogue to respond positively to this agreement, to be flexible and to place the national interest above all other considerations.

For Mr. Leon, safety is the top priority for Libyans, stressing that the only way able to “defeat terrorism is understanding and unity.” He warned that rejecting the agreement would lead to the “unknown” and “chaos”.

Regarding the news of the definitive agreement over the text submitted to the parties one week ago, Mr. Leon stressed that the new text “is no different” from the previous text and it understands only explanations and guarantees for the proper implementation of the final settlement.

The new round of inter-Libyan political talks, which began there more than ten days with the participation of all parties to the dialogue, aimed to achieve a final settlement of the Libyan conflict and the formation of a national consensus government.

To remind that the city of Skhirat hosted last July, the initialling of an agreement between the different parties present, including leaders of political parties who took part in the 6th round of inter-Libyan political talks, but the absence of the General National Congress representatives (CNG).

Libya is plunged into a political and security crisis on wrestling background for power between the House of Representatives and elected provisional government recognized by the international community and who sit in the east, and the outgoing government and CNG “national salvation”, who sit in the capital Tripoli.


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