Morocco Royal Army Ranked 49th Worldwide

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The Moroccan army arrived in 49th place (out of 126 countries) in the new world ranking of armies established by the American website specializing in the affairs of Defense Firepower.

“>The Algeria reached the 27th place but his army suffers from a lack of professionalism and obvious experience.

A very honorable position, that occupied by the Royal Armed Forces worldwide. According to the American website specializing in the affairs of Defense Firepower, the Moroccan army arrives in 49th place out of 126 countries.

First place in Africa, returned to Egypt, confirms its superiority with the new military acquisitions are made aware in 2015 with France with twenty Rafale type fighter, a FREMM frigate, among other military aircraft.
The second African position returns to the National Popular Army (ANP, Algeria), ranked 27th globally.

Note that since the lifting of the embargo on Algeria in 2008, our neighbor jumped into funds lost in the weapons storage and reviving an unbridled arms race.

Leveraging its gazo-oil windfall, the PNA – $ 13 billion are injected annually into its Defense- budget, none the less handicapped by the lack of professionalism and field experience deficit compared the Moroccan army.

A report by the French Ministry of Defence, appeared before the Senate, the Moroccan army remains unquestionably the most professional of the Maghreb, to name this region.

Another advantage to put the account of the Moroccan army, the bet engaged on the diversity and quality of the acquired weapons. The acquisition of American F16 fighter type (24 in total), the FREMM multi-mission frigate (France) and soon a highly sophisticated submarine from Russia (Amur 1650), is proof of the more eloquent.

To this must be added that other major asset that is effective engagement and distinguished Royal Armed Forces with its allies in the Gulf, like the West, in the anti-military campaign Houthis in Yemen and against terrorists so-called “Islamic state” in Iraq and Syria.

FAR participation in UN missions in various conflict zones around the world has allowed him to acquire a unique field experience.

An experience that desperately missing the PNA prevented, under the Algerian constitution, any military involvement beyond the Algerian borders.

Inexperience which is the Achilles heel for Algerian army admittedly hyper-equipped but unprofessional.


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