Washington to Spend 465 $ Million for Fighting Terrorism in Africa

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Washington-The United States announced on Monday its plan to spend 465 million $ as a support to programs against terrorism in Africa for 2016.

“The United States intends to work with Congress to provide about 465 million $ dedicated to new training programs, equipment and capacity building for our partners in Africa,” according to a fact sheet published by the White House on the occasion of the visit by President Barack Obama in countries of the African continent.

This amount will be included in the budget of the 2016 fiscal year, the document said, adding that 40 million $ will be allocated for the remainder of the current year that ends in late September, in support of programs against terrorism and violent extremism.

These resources are part of the Partnerships Fund of five billion dollars against terrorism in the region, announced by the head of the US executive during a speech at the Military Academy West Point in May 2014.


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