Morocco Key Country in Maghreb nd Mediterranean Stability

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Brussels – Morocco is an essential stabilisator in the Maghreb area as well as Mediterranean region, said the co-chairman of the Belgian Ecolo party Patrick Dupriez.

Europe is aware of its interconnection with the Maghreb and is totally convinced of the importance of Morocco as an area of ​​stability as essential in the Maghreb region anc in the Mediterranean, said Mr. Dupriez in a statement following his talks in Brussels with the President of the Environment and Sustainable Development Party, Ahmed Alami.

Therefore, he added, the EU is expected to develop with the countries of the Southern Neighbourhood of win-win partnerships in order to strengthen stability in the region, he said.

“We need win-win partnerships between countries of the two shores of the Mediterranean and beyond in exceeding the colonial and postcolonial legacies that are often very heavy,” insisted the co-chairman of Belgian Ecolo.

Mr. Dupriez stressed in this regard the need for the EU to have an overview on the geopolitical context in order to establish partnerships with knowledge of the interconnections that exist with the southern countries and taking into account the issues and common challenges.

Even analysis by the former Vice President of the European Parliament Isabelle Durant who stressed the importance for the EU to engage in a much more proactive for the southern countries through a revamped European Neighbourhood Policy.

“The Maghreb and Europe are permanently interconnected and interdependent,” said Mrs Durant who noted that the context of the Maghreb region since the Arab Spring, makes the situation much more complicated and difficult or fragile and explosive in some countries.

It is important for Europe to be able to do a comprehensive analysis of what is happening throughout the region and work with its southern partners to strengthen peace and stability, has she said, noting that if Europe does not do it for the interest of the countries of the Maghreb, she does it for its own interest.

The former Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport noted that the situation of instability and insecurity in some Sahelian countries has a direct impact on the whole region and beyond, but the strategy of the Algerian leaders does not seek a true regional approach.

“From this point of view, this is very worrying,” she observed, noting that faced with this situation, the Europeans in their contacts with Algerian officials must be able each time to advocate for regional solutions that will be accepted by neighbors and not by Algeria alone.
Isabelle Durant

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