The Council of Foreign Ministers of the Arab Maghreb Union meet in Rabat

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Rabat – The Council of Foreign Ministers of the Arab Maghreb Union UMA called, after its 33rd session held Thursday at the headquarters of the General Secretariat in Rabat the different political actors in Libya to engage in inclusive dialogue and compromise to form a national unity government in order to eradicate terrorism, establish security throughout Libya and ensure control of its borders with neighboring countries.

In its final statement issued after the signing of the minutes of the session, the Council stressed that the Libyan crisis was high on the issues addressed by the meeting, expressing his “deep concern the developments registered in the country of the Maghreb “.

The Council expressed, in this respect, its support for UN efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis, led by the UN envoy Bernardino Leon.

The final declaration underlined the importance for all parties to continue negotiations with a view to reaching a solution to end the Libyan crisis.

The Council, in this context, welcomed the inter-Libyan dialogue process held in Skhirat, Morocco, and the dialogue between parties and political activists in Algeria, in addition to the efforts made by Tunisia and Mauritania in this regard .

The final declaration reaffirmed the Council’s commitment to the consistent position of the UMA calling for respect for “unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya, non-interference in its internal affairs and preserving its political independence. ”

In terms of coordination and security cooperation with the aim of a collective response to terrorism, the Council reiterated its condemnation of this scourge in all its forms as a threat to the security and stability of countries Maghreb.

It also expressed its strong condemnation of terrorist operations that targeted some Maghreb countries, causing casualties among civilians and security forces and the army.

In this regard, the Council stressed the importance of deepening cooperation, consultation and coordination between the Maghreb countries and intensify the exchange of information and experience between the services concerned in these countries to collectively tackle this scourge.

The Council, in this context, welcomed the holding of the Fifth Regular Session of the Council of Interior Ministers of the AMU in Nouakchott late April, and the resolutions and recommendations of the session.

Regarding the situation in the Sahel and the Sahara in connection with the security of the Maghreb region, the Council stressed its strong support for UN efforts to help countries in the region to address their crises , reiterating the support of UMA countries to the UN integrated strategy for the Sahel region.

The success of this strategy is likely to “ensure security and stability in the Sahel region and accelerate its development so as to give positive results for the Maghreb region”, the Council has estimated.

The final declaration, also stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation and coordination between the Maghreb and the Sahel, particularly in the fight against terrorism, cross-border crime and illegal immigration.

Regarding this last aspect, the final statement said that the Council discussed the issue of the growing phenomenon of illegal migration “because of the limited resources of the countries of the southern Mediterranean and the deterioration the security situation in many countries of the Maghreb. ”

The Council, in this context, called on countries of the European Union (EU) to assume their responsibilities on the need to intensify cooperation with the Maghreb countries in order to achieve appropriate solutions to this phenomenon.

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