Rachida Dati: the King and the French President is a landmark in the Franco-Moroccan friendship

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The meeting between His Majesty King Mohammed VI and French President Francois Hollande on Monday afternoon at the Elysee Palace in Paris, marks a new milestone in the Franco-Moroccan friendship, said French MEP Rachida Dati .

“This meeting sealed the restoration of our judicial and legal cooperation, wanted by His Majesty the King and the French President,” said the European Parliament in a statement.

Dati praised on this occasion the action of the two heads of state that will allow France and Morocco to work again together, particularly to deal with security challenges.

“At a time when international terrorism to flourish, terrorist threats are becoming more mobile and protean, our responsibility is to combine flawless our knowledge, our intelligence and our means for the security of our two peoples,” she said.

The former French Minister of Justice pointed out in this connection those France needs of Morocco for his safety, but also in many other areas such as the fight against illegal immigration.

“In our actions and our cooperation, be responsible and above all be united,” she insisted.

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