Opening of the 9th World Meeting of Sufism in Morocco Madagh

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The 9th World Meeting of Sufism opened Friday in Madagh (province of Berkane), under the theme “Sufism in the contemporary context: progress and prospects.”

The World Meeting of Sufism (January 2 to 4), is organized by Tariqa Qadiriya Boudchichiya, in partnership with the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for the Study of Current Islam (CEMEIA), on the occasion of the commemoration of the birth of Prophet (Eid Al Mawlid Annabaoui).

This event aims to focus on the exchanging of relationship between Sufism and its context and to study how the Sufi education, as a spiritual tradition of Islam can contribute to help the humanity through its crisis.

Some 60 academics, intellectuals, Moroccan and foreign scholars in philosophy, sociology, communication, economics and international relations should discuss their individual research.

Modern man lives in an environment where progress has reached a staggering level, facilitating communication and contact with others, to the point that the human community tends to a standardization of cultures and civilizations, says a document of the organizers.

This progress is promising as, moreover, the very one that generates financial crises, the competition but also inequality between peoples. This same progress that shattered the family, which cause men to loneliness and isolation, leading to selfishness and individualism, it is added.

The program for this meeting included interventions on “Sufism and the challenges of globalization”, “Sufism and the Arab Spring, the Moroccan exception”, “Sufism bulwark against extremism”, “Sufism and spiritual diplomacy “,” Sufism and the psychological and social construction of human beings “,” Sufism and civil society “,” Sufism and issues of development and governance “and” Sufism and intangible capital “. Sufism

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