Marrakech ahead of Paris and New York and Istanbul world first tourist destination

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The famous American tourism site reference, Trip Advisor, has released its 2014 ranking top 25 destinations in the world. The ranking is based on the opinions of Internet users, in terms of both quality and quantity.

Istanbul is taking at the top spot par excellence, dethroning Paris tourist destination, which remains in the top 10 with the 7th place, followed by the European capitals of Rome and London. The surprise comes back for Marrakech in the top rankings, Moroccan city actually occupies the 6th place ahead of Paris and New York, which tumbles to 12th .

The city gained more than 10 places compared to last year when it was ranked 19th. “Marrakech, the red city, is a place of full magic! With countless markets, gardens, palaces and mosques, you will be impressed”, That is how the website describe the first tourist destination in the Kingdom. A quad bike or camel, everyone can find the perfect way to visit the city in peace.



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