HM the King Gives His High Instructions for Launch of Food Distribution Operation “Ramadan 1442”

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HM King Mohammed VI has given his high instructions for the launch of the 22nd edition of the Food Distribution Operation “Ramadan 1442”, which will benefit three million people (600,000 households nationwide including 459,504 ones in rural areas), the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity announced on Tuesday.

“Pursuant to the High Royal Instructions, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity was mobilized for the implementation and the launch of food support for vulnerable and poor populations,” said the Foundation in a press release, adding that the aid distribution will kick off on the first day of the holy month.

Initiated since 1999, this large-scale solidarity operation will continue despite the context of health emergency, said the press release.

Amid the pandemic, national solidarity and mutual aid are essential to relieve poor families that were weakened by the socio-economic impacts of the health crisis, added the same source.

The operation, organized with the financial support of the Interior Ministry (General Directorate of Local Authorities) and the Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs, is based on food support consisting of seven food products (10 kilograms of flour, 5 liters of vegetable oil, 4 kg of sugar, 1 kg of lentils, 1 kg of vermicelli, 850 grams of tomato paste and 250 grams of tea) and will help alleviate the food needs related to the holy month of Ramadan, said the Foundation.

This 22nd edition is marked by an implementation mechanism that abides by the security provisions decreed by the local authorities.

Various health risk prevention measures have been adopted at the level of local monitoring committees in order to ensure the health and safety of the populations. They include the disinfection of supply centers, food baskets and transport vehicles, social distancing, reduction of staff and direct delivery of aid.

The heads of beneficiary households (widows, the elderly, people with disabilities and people living in precarious situations), identified by the provincial committees supervised by the Interior Ministry, are informed by the caïdats about the door-to-door distribution of foodstuffs.

To this end, special logistics will be deployed in coordination with the Interior Ministry to prevent the movement of beneficiaries.

This will involve small field teams made up of local authorities, the regional directorates of the National Mutual Aid, the Royal Gendarmerie as well as social workers from the General Directorate of Social Services.

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