Anti-coronavirus Fight: African Experts Grateful to HM the King

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Experts, researchers and officials from African Strategic Research Centers expressed their thanks and gratitude to HM King Mohammed VI for the Sovereign’s initiative to respond to the coronavirus pandemic in Africa.

“We express our sincere gratitude and our thanks to HM King Mohammed VI, King of Morocco and leader of Africa, for his continental initiative against the Covid-19 pandemic and our sincere gratitude for his tireless effort for human and sustainable development of Africa, in the spirit of pan-African solidarity as repeatedly urged, especially during the Abidjan Call in 2014 and the African Union reintegration speech in 2017”, they wrote in a Declaration published Wednesday by the Ivorian site “”.

“Faithful to his development and humanist paradigm for his great African family, HM King Mohammed VI, the African and the leader of the active and responsible neo-pan-Africanism, thus launches for his brothers an African-African initiative which is pragmatic, action-oriented and aimed at establishing an operational framework to support African countries during the various phases of pandemic management, in order to mitigate the health, economic and social impact of the pandemic”, they added.

The group of experts said that they join the Pan-African Parliament, body of the African Union and representative of the African populations, in “welcoming with solemnity and admiration the creative will of HM King Mohammed VI, to share with the continent Morocco’s expertise in monitoring the pandemic and its technology for manufacturing the equipment that is crucial for containing the pandemic.”

The “voluntary-based, solidarity-based and unionist” approach that underpins this pioneering and unique initiative is in line with the “benevolent” African policy of HM King Mohammed VI, advocating joint sustainable human development, implemented since his enthronement,” they said.

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