Morocco King Lays Foundation Stone of Community Medical Center

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Casablanca  –

HM King Mohammed VI launched, on Tuesday in Casablanca, a solidarity-based outpatient medical campaign for populations in the Lahraouiyine and Moulay Rachid neighborhoods, and laid the foundation stone for the construction of the “community medical center – Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity” in Sidi Moumen (prefecture of Sidi Bernoussi districts).

Casablanca: HM the King Launches Outpatient Medical Campaign, Lays Foundation Stone of Community Medical Center

Initiated by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, these actions shows the sovereign’s commitment to improve medical services for the benefit of citizens, promote health care offer for the underprivileged and ensure a comprehensive, sustainable and integrated human development.

A community-based action par excellence, the outpatient medical campaign will enrich the different humanitarian and social actions and initiatives undertaken by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity (Cold Operation, multidisciplinary medical caravans, campaigns of cataract surgery and general surgery).

The six-day campaign (Oct. 11-16), which will kick off at the Lahraouiyine neighborhood (3 days) and move to the Moulay Rachid neighborhood (3 days), mirrors the spirit of solidarity and closeness marking the sovereign’s action, an action aimed solely at facilitating access of the poor to basic health care.

It is part of the humanitarian program, conducted by the said Foundation since 2003, and which enabled to organize 678 medical campaigns (870,000 beneficiaries), including 65 campaigns during the last nine months, totaling 84,000 people from 38 villages across the Kingdom.

This far-reaching program seeks to promote health status in the rural zone and suburbs, ameliorate medical services for vulnerable social segments (women, children, the elderly and the disabled), and contribute to the prevention and fight against communicable and non communicable diseases.

The medical caravan will offer multidisciplinary medical consultations in general medicine, ophthalmology, internal medicine, gastroenterology, pneumophtisiology, pediatrics, urology, cardiology, dermatology, neurology, endocrinology, dentistry, radiology and biological analysis.

It will also offer checkups for patients with physical disabilities to take measurement for manufacturing prostheses and orthopedic equipment, in addition to distributing medicines for the sick.

This caravan, which will provide around 10,000 consultations, will include 40 volunteer specialist physicians and 20 nurses and will mobilize seven mobile medical units with equipment for echo-doppler, digital radiology, ultrasound, ophthalmology, dental chair, and biological analysis machines, a pharmacy and an ambulance.

As for the “community medical center – Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity” (37 mln MAD), it will be build over a surface area of 6,200 square meters and is part of the Casablanca-Settat proximity socio-medical program (2016-2020) which was launched by the sovereign on June 18.

It will contribute to alleviating the pressure on the prefecture’s hospital and the level 1 and 2 health centers and spare poor patients long travels that could endanger their health.

The center, which is an intermediary facility between primary health care centers and the prefecture’s hospital center, will span two years and comprise a unit for community medical emergencies, wards for specialized medical consultations and chronic diseases, trauma and oral and dental health.

It will also include a department for mother-child health housing a delivery unit and a room for specialized checkups (gynecology, pediatrics, pediatric surgery, child psychiatry, mother-child health), in addition to a medical-technical department hosting an endoscopy and radiology unit, an operating room, a biological analysis laboratory, hospital rooms and a pharmacy.

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