Start of Diplomatic Relaxing Between Morocco and Sweden

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According to the Moroccan delegation, Sweden does not intend to take “hostile” decision against Morocco.

Start relaxing between Morocco and Sweden. During her meeting with the delegation of the parties of the Moroccan left, Secretary of State Swedish Annika Soder said that her country “did not and does not intend to make decisions that might be considered hostile to Morocco or against international law. ”

This was confirmed by members of the Moroccan delegation of left parties who visited Sweden October 4, quoted by MAP. they added that “the state secretary said that there is no recognition of SADR nor will thwart the economic interests of Morocco.”

The Moroccan delegation for its part insisted at the meeting “the need to remove ambiguities and misunderstandings regarding the Sahara issue on the part of Sweden and to understand the complexity of the situation on the ground and UN history efforts to find a negotiated and lasting compromise of this regional dispute, “says the same source.

The chef of the Moroccan delegation, Nabila Mounib, said for her part through social networks that the meeting with Annika Soder happened “in a climate of trust and listening.” she said that she had also met with the directors of “research units”.

After the meeting with the Swedish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, the delegation will meet this October 6 parliamentarians on the same issue.

As a reminder, Morocco has decided to boycott Swedish companies reacting to the bill to recognize the Polisario.


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