Officials Raise Terror Threat Level for British Holidaymakers Heading to Morocco

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And Morocco became the latest no-go holiday destination for Brits as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) took the decision to bring the nation in line with nearby states such as Algeria, Libya and Tunisia.

The stark warning to British holidaymakers heading to the north African country comes a week after Spanish and Moroccan police smashed a terror cell plotting an attack in the popular tourist hotspot.

A FCO spokesman said: “This change is due to the increased terrorist threat linked to the growing number of Moroccans sympathetic or belonging to international terrorist organisations operating in Syria, Iraq and Libya.”

The evil Islamic State (ISIS) group has a high presence in all of those countries.

The FCO spokesman said the threat is general across Morocco but did not advise against travelling to any specific parts of the nation.

However, the spokesman added: “The Moroccan authorities have warned of an increased threat and regularly report the disruption of terrorist cells in Morocco.”

The FCO believes British nationals are a particular target for terrorists.

Just last week Morocco worked with Spain to arrest 14 terror suspects from an ISIS cell based in Madrid.

The extremists were plotting attacks on tourists hotspots across Morocco.

The cell was aimed at recruiting ISIS fighters to spread terror in the African country.

In 2011, 17 people were killed in a large explosion in a Marrakech restaurant in the most recent high-profile attack in the country.

A heightened risk of terror attacks also exists in Spain, France, Turkey and Egypt.

In June this year and ISIS-inspired gunman slaughtered 38 people, including 30 British holidaymakers, in the Tunisian beach resort of Sousse.

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