Two Moroccan Transmit AIDS to Daesh Fighters

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Several fighters of the Islamic State terrorist organization were diagnosed HIV positive, after sex with two Moroccan slaves retained by the organization.

According to the Syrian news agency Ara independent news, at least 16 cases of HIV were diagnosed in the Daech terrorist organization. They have had unprotected sex with two Moroccan slaves.

“Most of the infected are foreign jihadists who have had unprotected sex with two Moroccan. These women transmitted their virus “has entrusted, under anonymity, a doctor from the hospital to the Syrian news agency. The dispatch also states that the two women are currently in hiding for fear of being executed by the fighters Daech.

According to a civil rights activist Al-Mayadeen, also cited by the agency Ara News, “the jihadist commander of the region had asked his fighters to take tests, to prevent a possible spread. He would consider entrusting the responsibility for future missions of suicide attacks to combatants with HIV. ”

This story reminds us strangely a previous episode, when, in June, an Indonesian origin fighter had also contracted the virus after unprotected intercourse with Yezidi slave. The latter had been executed by the terrorist group, together with the Saudi doctor who had revealed the information.

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