Paris rally focus on regime change in Iran

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By: Ramin Jalali

Over 100,000 Iranians and hundreds of high-profile figures and MPs from 69 countries from across the globe participated in solidarity with the Iranian democratic opposition gathering held on June 13 in the outskirts of Paris.

Over 600 political dignitaries from a wide range of backgrounds joined Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the main speaker of the rally, focusing their words on the ongoing nuclear talks with Iran. The ayatollahs’ support for extremism and Islamic fundamentalism in this crises have plunged Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon, while flagrant human rights violations in Iran.

“Unfortunately, western governments, the United States in particular, violated UN Security Council resolutions and offered major concessions, propelling the regime closer to the Bomb.” Maryam Rajavi said in her speech calling for a major shift in international policy, especially in the negotiations with Iran to curb the suspected nuclear program. She called upon six world powers, ”If you do not want a nuclear-armed fundamentalist regime, stop appeasing it. Do not bargain over the human rights of the Iranian people and recognize their organized Resistance which is striving for freedom.”

Voicing further concern about the Iranian regime’s conspiracies against Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty in Iraq, Rajavi said, “I once again call on the US and the UN to take urgent action to protect the Camp Liberty residents and put an end to the medical and logistical siege of the camp and its prison-like conditions.”

Prestigious international dignitaries raised major concerns over a wide range of issues and called for a firm strategy to end Iran’s various ambitions.

“The MEK has done more to make the world aware of the clandestine nuclear program of the ayatollahs than anyone else. Negotiations and sanctions have not slowed down the nuclear weapons program at all nor Iran’s offensive behavior, its aide to Hezbollah, Assad regime, Houthis, or the Baghdad government.” said John Bolton, former US ambassador to the UN., “This agreement is fundamentally flawed.” he added while expressing major suspicions about any possible agreement reached by June 30 will bear any fruit. He concluded, “The real solution to the ayatollahs’ nuclear weapons program is to get rid of the ayatollahs.”

The Iranian Resistance has repeatedly warned that the Iranian regime is the primary instigator of sectarian violence and instability in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon and beyond. Mrs. Rajavi introduced her solution to the region, “The solution in Iraq is to evict the mullahs’ regime forces, to empower Sunni power-sharing, and to arm the Sunni tribes. The solution in Syria is to evict the Iranian regime’s forces and to support the people of Syria in overthrowing Assad’s dictatorship.”

She added, “The solution in Yemen is to stand up to Tehran, as the Arab coalition has already done. This must be pursued until the regime is uprooted all across the region.”
General George Casey, former Commander of the Multi-National Force Iraq (2004-2007) and Chief of Staff of the US Army until 2011, raised serious reservation about the nature of Iran’s backing of extremist groups across the Middle East, from Syria, Iraq, and Yemen to Lebanon. He concluded, “Iran’s destructive role in the region must be curbed and deterred; the regime’s support for terror must end.”

300 Iranian associations also participated in this grand annual gathering and expressed their support for Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan for a future Iran.

A large Arab delegation, comprising dozens of lawmakers and political dignitaries from across the Middle East and a delegation from Syria’s democratic opposition were in attendance in the largest-ever gathering in support of democracy in Iran.

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