Morocco and Senegal Signed Fifteen Public and Private Economic Agreements

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Dakar- Below are the five public-private and private-private economic partnership agreements signed on Monday at the presidential palace in Dakar, before His Majesty King Mohammed VIand Senegalese President Mr. Macky Sall, at the ceremony to set up the Panel of Moroccan-Senegalese Economic Impulse:

– Memorandum of Understanding for the development of the city business in West Africa in Dakar,

Its purpose is to establish the principles and implementation modalities of the cooperation between Morocco and Senegal in the areas of marine fisheries and aquaculture and related activities. It covers in particular maritime training, fisheries research, aquaculture, processing and recycling industries, the marketing of fishery products and the fight against illegal, unregulated and unreported. – Agreement between the Group Banque Centrale Populaire (BCP) of Morocco and the State of Senegal, on fundraising in the financial market of the WAEMU amounting to CFAF 30 billion. it aims to set the framework for partnership between the parties and to define their commitments and respective obligations, pending the conclusion of specific acts that will specify the terms, conditions and procedures.
– Financing agreement for the rehabilitation of “ranch doly” between Attijariwafa Bank Group and the Republic of Senegal. It is intended to frame the additional financing of construction of boundary wall for securing Ranch Doly. In addition to resources mobilized by the State of Senegal, the Bank has agreed, through its subsidiary “Credit Senegal,” to perfect the financing of the project through the provision of $ 3.8 billion FCFA. – Partnership agreement between Atlantic microfinance for Africa of Morocco and the Senegalese Ministry of Economy and Finance. It aims to collaborate in the establishment of a microfinance program that aims to enable economically fragile people create or develop their own productive activity or service, and have a set of financial services for their economic integration.
– Investment Agreement between Douja Société Promotion (Addoha Group Senegal) and the Republic of Senegal. Addoha Senegal is committed, under the terms of the agreement, to achieve in a period of 24 months the program of the City of emergence, depending on marketing.
– Memorandum of Understanding between the State of Senegal, the Bank of Africa Capital Holding and Marylis Senegalese BTP.

The Protocol is to define the general principles for the establishment of a bank financing the benefit of Marylis construction, in order to enable it to finance the construction of a second university in Dakar.
– Memorandum of Understanding between the State of Senegal, the Bank of Africa and the sovereign Capital Holding Strategic Investment Fund (FONSIS SA) Senegalese . Its purpose is to define the general principles of the establishment of a bank debt in favor of FONSIS in order to allow it to finance its investment program for the year 2015.
– Financing Agreement between the Group Banque Centrale Populaire of Morocco, promoting Douja Addoha Group and the Senegalese Ministry of Economy, Finance and Planning. It is intended to allow the financing of so-called ready buyers, to allow, among other officials of the State of Senegal and employees of the private sector, to benefit from the housing built Addoha Group under the housing program.
– Financing Agreement between the Government of Senegal, the national cooperative of Senegal freight companies (CNETM) and Bank of Africa Senegal. The convention aims to define the general principles of the establishment of bank financing in favor of CNETM in order to allow it to finance a project to upgrade 800 trucks of its large fleet carriers.
– Partnership agreement for development of solar energy. It focuses on the development of partnership projects to develop solar energy in Senegal, particularly through strengthening the institutional framework for the development of solar energy, the development of methods and tools for exploration and qualification appropriate sites and deployment of cross-cutting issues “Industrial development and technological watch.”
– Cooperation Protocol on the exchange of scholarships and internships to benefit students and Moroccan and Senegalese officials. The protocol aims to further promote cooperation in cultural, scientific, technical and Socio-economic, as well as in sectors of common interest.
– Memorandum of Understanding between Casablanca Finance City Authority (CFCA) and the Agency for Investment Promotion and Major Projects in Senegal (APIX). It aims to strengthen cooperation between the two institutions particularly in the areas of promotion of investment opportunities in Senegal by CFCA, supporting companies from the ecosystem CFCs in their investment projects and facilitating their implementation and the development of their activities in Senegal.
– Partnership agreement and cooperation between the Attijariwafa Bank Group and the National Agency for Investment Promotion and Major Projects in Senegal (APIX). The agreement covers the exchange of information, promotion of investment in Senegal on all countries presence of Attijariwafa bank and the development of a support system for investors.
– Memorandum of strategic cooperation agreement for the development of renewable energy projects included in the program of the “Great Green Wall” of Africa between Green and the sovereign Strategic Investment Fund (FONSIS SA) Senegalese. The protocol aims to formalize the intention of the parties to cooperate in a sustainable way to explore joint opportunities development, implementation and financing of renewable energy projects under the initiative of the program of the Great Green Wall.

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